Spinach Salad

Nothing beats a simple spinach salad on a busy busy BUSY day! 🕰 Especially a “clean out the fridge” spinach salad! 🥗


2 cups spinach
Cherry tomatoes
Air fried chicken tenders
Green onion
Lite Cesar dressing

Strawberry Walnut Summer Salad

This is my official goodbye to summer. ☀️ It is officially (in my opinion) pumpkin/spooky season 🎃 To celebrate the end of summer, I made my FAVORITE summer salad 🥗


Sliced strawberries
Candied walnuts (sautéd in a pan with 1 tbsp maple syrup and cinnamon)
Crumbled feta cheese
Homemade raspberry dressing (1 tbsp raspberry preserves, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp lemon juice)

Vegan Mediterranean Bowl

Can we have a moment for my moms vegan cooking? 😍 My mom recently decided to start eating more plant based and she is doing SO GOOD! 👏🏼 These vegan Mediterranean bowls are so easy and seriously…the perfect meal ♥️


1/2 cup brown rice
Baked veggies (broccoli, sweet potato, & zucchini)
Diced tomato
Diced avocado
Kalamata olives
Topped with a drizzle of homemade garlic hummus)