Souvlaki Greek Cuisine – Review

So I tried a new restaurant last night and I am SO HAPPY. 😊 it’s a new authentic Greek place in DuPont Circle D.C. called Souvlaki Greek Cuisine!! 🌱 Their menu had so many options and I couldn’t decide what to get!! 😋

I chose to get the chicken souvlaki platter which came with two sides! In a total, I got 2 chicken skewers, a BUNCH of pita bread, a side of rice pilaf and a village salad AND I ate the entire thing 😂 I also picked up food for my family hence the extra tzatziki sauce!

I would absolutely recommend you give this place a try!! It was completely worth it. 😍 Luckily some of my family members live right by this place so I can grab it almost any time.

I also took this adorable photo inside the restaurant. it has a modern/rustic look. Adorable and inviting!