Decadent Chicken Salad

No mayo chicken salad for the entire family!


12 oz (or about 1.5 C) Shredded Chicken Breast
1/2 C Greek Yogurt 
1 C Chopped Celery
1/4 C Dried Chopped Apricots 
1/4 C Chopped Green Onions 
2 TB Crushed Walnuts
2 C Arugula (as salad base)


Step 1: Cook chicken. Let cool and shred. 
Step 2: Chop celery, apricots, green onion and walnuts 
Step 3: Mix chopped ingredients, greek yogurt and chicken together
Step 4: Get creative! I added extra celery for crunch, but add any other dried fruits or nuts to this recipe! You can’t go wrong